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Pamper Yourself with Affordable Homemade Spa

Written by Reika Kua

What comes to your mind when we talk about “Spa”? I bet that “Luxury and Pricey” are some of the “common perceptions” that most of us would have. Why? It’s mainly because we are so used to the commercial marketing gimmicks that influence us about how a luxury spa session can bring us the indulgence and relaxation we need after a long stressful day of work. That’s what I said that these are ““common perceptions”. While it’s true that a spa session can help us relax, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be extravagant or pricey. In addition, travelling to and from the spa centre also take up most our time, especially if we are travelling during peak hours such as after work hours.

Actually, we can indulge in a relaxing spa session in the comfort of our home with very affordable prices. What’s more, we can have our spa session as regularly as we want it! Here are some tips to help you create you own spa sessions that are cost-saving and time-saving, and yet, providing you with the health and beauty results you desire:

1. Homemade Foot Soak to Relax Your Feet and Rejuvenate Dry Skin

From the moment we wake up, our feet start working round-the-clock, from stepping on the brake and acceleration pedals during our drive to and from work, beating the traffic jam, walking the stairs, and so forth, supporting our body weight while we are on our feet. That’s why a relaxing foot soak with virgin coconut oil is one of the best remedies to help relax our feet and rejuvenate our skin. Virgin coconut oil is an all-natural moisturiser when topically applied and when it is absorbed into your skin, it helps to improve your skin condition by reducing fine lines, rehydrating your skin and keeping your connective tissues strong and supple. Hence, a foot soak with

Ingredients that You Need:

Lavender Aromatic Virgin Coconut Oil which contain lavender and chamomile that offer a calming effect while the virgin coconut oil penetrates your skin to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Step 1: Rinse your feet with warm water.

Step 2: Fill hot water into a basin that is slightly wider than your feet so you can put your feet in comfortably.

(Caution: Ensure the hot water temperature is bearable and will not scald or burn your skin)

Step 3: Pour a few drops of virgin coconut oil into the basin with hot water.

Step 4: Put your feet into the basin and soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 5: To amplify the skin nourishing effect, after drying your feet, apply a thin layer of Lavender Aromatic Virgin Coconut Oil onto the surface of your feet.

2. Homemade Natural Food Mask to Revitalise Your Skin

Making a “food mask” with natural food ingredients that you can easily find at home is a cost-effective and health-effective way to improve your skin texture, especially for uneven skin tone and texture.

Ingredients that You Need:

  • 1 tablespoon of natural, plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

Step 1: Wash your face with your preferred facial cleanser.

Step 2: Mix the above ingredients well, and apply evenly onto your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 3: Wash the food mask off with clean lukewarm water.

3. All-in-One Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash & Shampoo to Nourish Your Hair and Skin

If you feel tired after work and want a quick fix that helps revitalise yourself, you can try the Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash & Shampoo which can be used on your hair and body at the same time.

Infused with organic virgin coconut oil blended with saponified olive oil, castor oil, pure New Zealand lavender and peppermint essential oils leaves a lingering fragrance that relaxes tired muscles and over-stretched minds.

All you need to do is wet your hair and body, apply the Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash & Shampoo evenly onto your body and hair, lather it, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off with water. It’s fuss-free, easy to use and cost-saving, and more importantly it truly works!

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