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4 Natural Oral Care Tips that Keep the Dentist Away!

Written by Reika Kua

The moment I felt the discomforts on my sensitive gums when the dental scaler was moving and drilling between the gaps of my teeth to remove the plaque accumulated near the gums, “I will take better care of my teeth from now onwards to avoid unnecessary pain during a dental procedure” was the same sentence that I kept repeating in my mind. And I bet most of us have similar experience, whether it is a scaling procedure with a manual scaler or ultrasonic scaler, a tooth extraction or a root treatment, we are bound to feel the discomforts, pain and most of the time, fear.

However, if we could just practise a few simple routine steps daily, we could have saved ourselves lots of troubles from unnecessary discomforts, toothache from a decaying tooth, or numbness of sensitive gums. Of course, we will still need our half-yearly dental check-up, but what I am trying to emphasise here is that we can reduce the unnecessary discomforts and pain, with some easy-to-follow natural oral care tips that could be done every day. 

4 Easy-to-follow Natural Oral Care Tips: 

1. Gargle with lukewarm sea salt water

Here’s a cost-effective and natural alternative mixture to commercial mouthwash. Just add half a teaspoon of sea salt into a glass of lukewarm water (not too hot), stir until the sea salt dissolves completely and gargle in your mouth twice a day (morning and night, or after meals). This can help you get rid of any bacteria. You can also add 2 to 3 drops of mint oil to freshen up your breath.

2. Clean your tongue with a quality tongue cleaner

A quality tongue cleaner can help take care of your overall oral hygiene. By scrapping off any residue which is often full of bacteria and other unpleasantries can help you remove coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath, clean your taste buds to make your sense of taste better, as well as promoting an overall oral health.

3. Get yourself a quality oral irrigator

Consider investing in a quality oral irrigator which works better than dental floss. Oral irrigator is a small handheld electronic device that shoot a stream of water into the mouth. It doesn’t remove plaque but it is useful for flushing out food from the gaps between the teeth and also food that gets stuck in braces.

4. Use SLS-free and fluoride-free toothpaste

Try to avoid using toothpaste which contains fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Fluoride may post various health risks including acne and other skin problems, thyroid problems, reproductive issues such as lower fertility. Meanwhile, SLS is the surfactant chemical used in laundry detergents, cleaning products, soaps and toothpaste to create a foaming sensation, which can cause irritation and other health risks.

You may try using toothpaste that is free of these chemicals. For instance, Natural Virgin Coconut Oil Toothpaste which is free from the nasty stuff such as fluoride, saccharine, triclosan, parabens and other harmful chemicals. What’s more, it contains virgin coconut oil (powerful anti-bacterial properties) and Xylitol (natural plant ingredient that prevents cavities), eco-certified amino acid cleansers and is made to be vegan, Halal certified, safe and natural, especially for children as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

Don’t wait till your next dental visit to start caring for your dental health. Start your natural oral care routine today with the above easy-to-follow tips!

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