Fix your woes with virgin coconut oil

Fix Your Woes with Virgin Coconut Oil

Sweared by celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow, virgin coconut oil is the holy grail for many. The multitasking ingredient is a wondrous solution to a number of skin, hair and health maladies, and costs significantly lesser than some self-claimed miracle products.

Now that coconut oil is back to being considered as good fats, we list the benefits of organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil.

Anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties

Caprillic acid and lauric acid, properties found in virgin coconut oil have antiviral and antimicrobial effect, hence, make an brilliant cleanser for the gastrointestinal tract.

Increases metabolic rate

If you ever wonder how VCO can possibly contribute to weight loss, it’s simple.  Virgin coconut oil is an agent that stimulates metabolism and burn calories. To lose weight healthily, incorporate proportionate amount of coconut oil into your diet.

Healthy for your skin, hair and nails

Many swear by this oil for its beauty benefits. Potent with fatty acids, VCO will moisturize your skin, increase elasticity and is presumed to be anti-ageing. Apply the oil to your nails and hair to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Gives you instant energy

A spoonful a day will boost you with lasting energy for the rest of the day. Consume some coconut oil after killing it at the gym – to replenish energy and help store glycogen (insulin sensitivity). Today, athletes use it as a source of fuel before and during training. If you’re unsure how to incorporate it to your diet, you can add it to a smoothie, coffee or toast.

Good immune system support

Virgin coconut oil is rich in lauric acid – a super nutrient that feeds the immune system.

Supports healthy thyroid function

Our hormones are often out of whack or imbalanced – this is where virgin coconut oil comes in handy. Not only will it balance hormones, but it also stimulates the function of the thyroid gland, responsible for energy.

Improves digestion

When your digestion functions at optimum level, this essentially means your body can absorb more minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Leave it to this MIRACLE OIL! Consider taking coconut oil simultaneously with fatty acids (Omega-3) to make the absorption of nutrients more effective.

Helps to burn more fat and facilitates muscle development

As mentioned above, coconut oil is a metabolic booster and fat burner. In addition, coconut oil reduces your cravings and appetite. So, it’s safe to say that it can help you lose weight.

Heart Health

While the notion that an oil can help take care of our heart is dubious, it doesn’t make it any less true. Lauric acid, found in virgin coconut oil lowers bad cholesterol in the body.

Makeup Remover

Makeup removers sometimes isn’t enough. Coconut Oil is a natural way to remove stubborn makeup at the end of the day.  A few droplets on a cotton pad would do the trick.

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