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Bye-bye itchy skin

Written by Cathrynne Yeong

I had this patch of dry skin on my back which developed out of the blue. When it started, I did not pay too much attention to it. It built up over time, and I noticed that I started scratching at the same spot on my back at a regular interval. A brownish patch began forming, taking the shape of a potato as that was the surface where I scratched the most.

Still, I ignored it. I told myself it was ok. I would just bear with it for a few days, and the itch would go away. As you may have guessed, it did not. The irritation continued, so did the scratching. Eventually, I had no choice but to visit a doctor about it. All the doctor said was that I had an extremely dry patch of skin on my back and that there was nothing wrong with it. I was prescribed with a moisturising gel cream, which was to be applied three times a day and went home with it.

I tried using it with some acrobatic moves as the itch was on my right shoulder blade. It was proven to be difficult. You may be wondering how I have been scratching myself then? Have you seen the blunt fork tool that was invented for back scratching? I was using that, but I couldn’t apply the cream with it.

To cut a long story short, I gave up applying the cream as it was too difficult to do it on my own. And I did not see any results. So, I started searching online to see how I could reduce the itch through some home remedies. Much to my surprise, coconut oil was one of them. And I did not have to add anything to it, but merely apply the coconut oil. I decided to give it a go.

My coconut oil was in liquid form. I figured I could find a way for it to trickle down my shoulder blade and then try spreading it merely with the back of my hands, which was less complicated than an acrobatic movement. And it worked. I could keep the patch moisturised with that.

The condition improved after about a week. I noticed the itch did not recur as often. I continued applying the coconut oil for the next 1 month or so, once a day after bathing, but before I went to bed. I could slowly see the difference. The itch reduced, and the brown patch of skin lightened ever so slightly. I kept repeating this until it went off eventually.

On another occasion, I was experiencing mild inflammation on my lips. It did not swell, but it was peeling, and I have this general feeling of numbness across my entire lips. Since coconut oil has worked so well for me on many occasions, I decided to apply it onto my lips to see if the condition would improve and guess what? It did! I applied a thin layer of the coconut oil before I went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, the peeling stopped. The numbness was still around, but I am guessing that would go away after a while too. I would just have to stick to my application routine.

All of the above was my personal experience. If you are facing similar problems and would like to give it go, please do so with caution. The most important thing is to check if you are allergic to coconuts. If not, then it should be quite safe to give it a try. Good luck!

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