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5 Ways to Practice Wellness During Travelling

Written by Cheng Sim. Content Writer.

When travelling comes to mind, wellness tends to take second place after relaxation. In truth, most travellers associate wellness with hard work. Some would equate it to packing more face masks and beauty products for a holiday. Here’s the truth; it takes very simple effort to take good care of yourself during the holidays. From working out to practising self-care, here’s where to start.  

1. Eat healthily

Let’s admit it. When travelling, it’s rather tempting to order a juicy burger from the in-room menu or buy savoury chips from the convenience shop. Despite how much you crave for this greasy goodness, you should practice healthy eating wherever you are. That means, picking up fresh fruits instead of snacks and choosing water over soft drinks. When you turn it into a habit, you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick things up once your vacation time is over.

2. Go for a workout

Part and parcel of travelling are to relax and unwind. While it’s great to spend the whole afternoon lazing by the beach, it’s important to add workout into your daily schedule. Most hotels and resorts have gyms, so there’s no excuse not to exercise. If you’re not a fan of cardio or resistance workout, opt for a light exercise like yoga and meditation. You can also turn on your favourite music and dance in your hotel room. A simple fitness routine can go a long way in improving your mood and energy level during your holiday. Give it a try!

3. Rest well

It’s true, travelling to somewhere new is exciting. Whether you’re venturing a new city or natural wonder, your goal is to explore all your favourite attractions within the little holiday time you have. After a full day outdoors, remember to enjoy a good night’s rest once you’re back. Like any regular day, you must set aside eight hours of beauty sleep for a well-rested mind and body. To minimise distractions, use noise-cancelling headphones and turn off your smartphone. Doing these little things matter to enjoy a well-rested sleep.

4. Practice self-care

Self-care is not the only reserve for your time alone at home. You can do it while travelling too. Bring a few face masks to keep your complexion moisturised. If you’ve had a tiring day, treat yourself to a relaxing bath and use virgin coconut oil body wash and shampoo to maximise its beauty benefits. After that, spritz some lavender aromatic virgin olive oil after a long day under the sun. You wouldn’t want to deal with terrible sunburn after you’re back, do you?

5. Leave your work at home

It’s tough to break away from your work email, but it’s something you must do. Your vacation is the best time to relax and rejuvenate. While it’s tempting to run through your inbox (you have all the time in the world after all), you deserve every minute of leisure time during your holiday. Mute your email notifications and come back to it when you’re in the office.

There you have it! We’ve compiled all the effortless ways you can practice wellness during travelling. It’s that simple. When it comes to vacation time, it’s crucial to realign the focus on you. From eating healthily to rewarding yourself with beneficial self-care, practice these steps, and you’re on your way to maximising your treasured travelling experience.

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