5 Beauty Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oils You Need to Know

Written by Cheng Sim. Content Writer

As much as virgin coconut oils are great for baking, it’s time we recognise its beauty benefits too. The reason why it’s great for beauty care is simple. Generally, virgin coconut oils are extracted from fresh coconuts without heat. When that happens, this type of oils provides higher mineral, antioxidants, and vitamins compared to regular coconut oils. With all the goodness it provides, it’s definitely a natural replacement for anyone who prefers eco-friendly products. Before you grab a beauty essential off the shelf, let’s explore what it can do for your skin and hair.

1. Nourishes your hair

Surviving the humid weather has its downsides. Most of the times, we battle with split ends and dry scalps that can damage our hair. Instead of spending money on expensive hair treatments, buy a bottle of virgin coconut oil to fix this problem for less. To nourish your locks, all you need to do is use a small amount and massage it on your scalps and tips of your hair. Then, bundle up your hair in a towel to allow the nutrition to be fully absorbed. After thirty minutes, rinse and shampoo your hair thoroughly. Do it often and you’ll definitely want to let your hair down every day.

2. Moisturises your skin

It’s important to keep our skin moisturised. When your face feels dry, reach out for an aromatic virgin coconut oil to get the nourishment you need. Just pour it on your palm and apply it on your face. You can also turn it into a natural face scrub by adding sea salt. Massage gently and wash it off. For early morning convenience, keep a bottle of virgin coconut oil in your bathroom. That way, you can easily moisturise your skin after a quick shower.

3. Removes makeup

Imagine the amount of money you’d save when you use virgin coconut oils as natural makeup removers. What’s great about oil-based cleansing is the way it can easily remove any waterproof mascara, lipstick or foundation. The trick is simple. With a few cotton pads, simply remove your makeup using virgin coconut oil and that’s it! Since it wipes off easily, you can say goodbye to micellar water and other expensive removers.

4. Reduces stretch marks

Believe it or not, stretch marks are common among men and women. Some people get stretch marks after pregnancy. Others get theirs after a major weight loss. Fret not, we can reduce its appearance by using virgin coconut oil. You only need to apply a small amount on your stretch mark. When you do it regularly, you’ll notice how it lightens the marks on your body. With consistent application, it does work to improve your skin appearance.

5. Heals wounds

We all know the powerful antioxidant properties in virgin coconut oils. That explains why it’s often used to heal minor wounds and cuts. Truth be told, it’s a natural remedy that most mothers know. Just apply some virgin coconut oil on a clean bandage before placing it on your wound. Remember to change the bandage frequently. Besides preventing you from getting an infection, it also increases the recovery process. Before you know it, you’ll be healed in no time.

Virgin coconut oil is more than just a baking ingredient. Surprisingly, it comes with a variety of beauty benefits. While it nourishes your hair, it also moisturises your skin and removes your makeup. It also does wonders in improving your skin by reducing stretch marks and healing minor wounds. Whatever the benefits may be, there are many good reasons to stock up virgin coconut oils in your household.

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