Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Guide — The Local Edition

Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Guide — The Local Edition

Half of the fun of Valentine’s Day is the anticipation of it all and the process of sourcing for presents either for yourself or other halves. The outbreak of Covid-19 and our continuous battle with it has taken a toll on many local businesses which play an incredibly vital role in our communities. This Valentine’s Day, we implore you dear readers, to consider supporting our local brands which have much to offer.

Handcrafted Candles

After a testing year, having hygge (the Danish way of life entailing contentment and cosiness) in our homes is just what we need. So, instead of your generic present ideas, for Valentine’s this year, consider gifting something fitting such as locally-made, scented candles that offer more than just an indulgent scent. These decorative and sensory pieces run the gamut from a forest therapy session that brings nature indoors to comforting ones that allow you to relax while taking a bath. Check out Lilin + Co or Pause for your Valentine’s Day shopping.


Forget bags, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Enter Tailored Jewel and Zcova — both Malaysian, homegrown brands that specialise in the arena of jewelry for both ladies and gentlemen. If you’re looking to propose this Valentine’s, look no further as these esteemed brands offer a stunning line of diamond rings and give you the opportunity to get creative and design your own engagement ring.

Self Care Products

It is both impressive and wonderful that Malaysians are more aware and committed to self care. With that in mind, the gift of self care products is truly the gift that keeps on giving and we think will be highly appreciated this Valentine’s Day. From pure essential oils to all-natural body care essentials, there's nothing you can't find from these locally-made beauty brands — Orifera and Handmade Heros.


Over the recent years, the consumption and popularity of kombucha and forms of probiotics have increased, so much so that people tried making their own, at home. We have bore witness to many food trends that have come and go in a fluid flow, but kombucha has somehow found a permanent place in our grocers. Here’s a thought — how about giving the gift of health in a bottle this Valentine’s Day? Visit the Orifera Probio and Wild Kombucha to order now.


Chocolates is the way to anyone’s heart. If you’re a chocolate lover, we can imagine you squealing with glee to learn that Malaysia is home to a melange of artisanal chocolate makers. In fact, many of the chocolatiers such as Choc Concierge, Seniman Kakao and Cocova, grow their cacao beans right here in the country.