The Wondrous Coconut oil & Helpful Life Hacks

The Wondrous Coconut oil & Helpful Life Hacks

The elixir called virgin coconut oil’s and its popularity hasn’t ceased in recent years and has in fact, secured itself as a household arsenal. Known for its versatility, coconut oil can be used in a myriad of ways and we break down its functions and simple life hacks below.

Rids dark circles and puffy eyes

Waking up to unsightly eye bags and puffy eyes is the last thing anybody wants. To reduce its effects, pat a thin layer of coconut oil to your under eyes to moisturise and make you look more awake.

Bye-bye wrinkles

Similar to removing dark circles, rub a tiny bit of coconut oil twice a day to reduce your fine lines.

DIY your own organic toothpaste

While the minty fresh feeling exuded by the toothpaste is welcomed, you don’t know the chemicals used in it to clean your pearly whites. Solve this by making your own organic toothpaste by mixing coconut oil and baking soda into a paste.

Make pure, coconut oil soap

Sometimes, using the run-of-the-mill commercial soap can cause some skin irritations, especially for someone with skin allergies. To solve this, choose an organic soap with coconut oil and without all the harsh chemicals that are bad for the skin.

Switch out your shampoo for coconut oil

Beauty gurus stand by pairing coconut oil and apple cider vinegar as a natural hair cleanser.  Employing these ingredients would spare your hair from discolouration and dullness.

Use it to defrizz and detangle your hair

It’s well established that coconut oil works wonders on the crowning glory. Those who have thick, uncooperative and coarser hair, use a thin layer of coconut oil to the ends of your hair for shine and softness. Coconut oil moisturises and smoothens the hair, all while helping with your split ends. 

Use it to moisturise

Coconut oil has a well-known moisturising effect. The skin can be instantly rejuvenated when you apply it on your body, right after a shower. So instead of lathering expensive lotions, substitute for nature’s moisturiser instead.

Coconut oil instead of creamer

Switch out your high calorie creamer to coconut oil, a healthier substitute. Practically tasteless, you can bid dairy and sugar goodbye and kickstart your day on a healthier note.

Healthy butter on toast

We understand and relate the joy of spreading butter on toast, and its delicious flavour. If you’re embarking on the path of a healthier lifestyle, we recommend lightly drizzling coconut oil on your toast instead. It instantly boosts energy and is equally tasty.

Make your mayo with it

Mayonnaise is delicious, but why not opt for a healthier option like coconut oil?

Season your cast iron

Loved by chefs and at-home cooks, cast iron pans are used for its heat retention, durability, ability to maintain high temperatures for longer time duration and are non-stick when seasoned the right way.  This process usually involves coating the cast iron surface with oil before cooking. Many favour using lard for seasoning, which is abundant with unhealthy fats, so try replacing it with coconut oil instead.

Incorporate in cooking

Ever so versatile, coconut oil can be used as an alternative to vegetable oil, olive oil, or butter. You can use it to bake, stir fry and pretty much any kind of cooking.

Apply it as natural deodorant

Given our country’s perpetual sunny weather, heading out without deodorant is almost unimaginable. Known for its antibacterial characteristics, coconut oil can help rid bacteria in the underarms and leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

Reapply as sunscreen

Did you know that coconut oil has the inherent ability to block up to 20 per cent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays? While that doesn’t mean you completely forego your conventional sunscreen, you can apply a layer of coconut oil in between your reapplication of sunscreen (which is very important). It prevents you from getting toasted while also infusing hydration. 

Chapstick replacement

This natural moisturiser can be used on your lips just as well as your body. To treat chapped or dry lips, apply some coconut oil as a natural lip balm.

Coconut oil bug-repellent bars

Research has found that coconut oil compounds have the ability to repel bugs such as bed bugs and flies. This is great especially since it can be used to replace commercial insect sprays that are loaded with chemicals.

Use it as makeup remover

Ladies, we all know the importance of removing your makeup at the end of day. Go the natural route and use a teaspoon of coconut oil on a cotton pad to remove all that you’ve layered on. Rinse it with warm water.

Expedites wound healing

Beaming with anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil serves as a first aid kit for  sunburns, rashes, cuts, and even arthritis. Apply it on your wounds or joints to relieve pain and any itch.

Moisturises your foot

Having an athlete's foot, fungal infection or a cracked heel can be very uncomfortable especially since we use our feet to walk. To get rid of fungus and salve dryness, diligently apply coconut oil to the affected area.  

Promote healthy nail growth

Keep your cuticles healthy and promote nail growth by applying a drop of coconut oil on each finger bed. You might also appreciate the reduced risk of salon-borne bacteria and viruses.

Massage oil or carrier oil

Coconut oil works great as a carrier oil. Depending on what you fancy, make your own essential oils or fragrance concoction. Warm the oil up and you’re ready to diffuse or use it for massage.

Consume as health supplement

A teaspoon of coconut oil a day infuses your body with all the good fats you need.

Aids in digestion

The natural compounds in coconut oil makes it easily digestible and effective in destroying bad bacteria. All the while, it also promotes the growth of good gut bacteria.

Improve thyroid function

While there isn’t conclusive data to support the relation between coconut oil and improved thyroid function, there’s no harm trying.  

Great lubricant

Coconut oil works just as well as other lubricants in squeaky-smoothing door hinges and bike chains.

Polishing leather

Anything leather requires frequent maintenance such as polishing and repair if need be after some time. Grab the coconut oil from your pantry and use it to add some lustre to your shoes, belts, boots, or even the inside of your car (dashboard and seats). Circular motions of rubbing will polish it and keep the leather from cracking.

Conditions your wooden household items

Interestingly enough, you can care for your aesthetic wooden items at home like your  wooden salad spoons or wooden rocking chair by applying coconut oil liberally and letting it soak into the wood. In addition to cleaning the wood after treatment, this will help prevent rot and other damage.