The Trusted Tazman Pepper

The Trusted Tazman Pepper

We have heard of black and white peppers as well as chilli peppers. But the question begs — what is Tazman Pepper? Is it a pepper at all, and what is it used for? Fret not, we disclose all you need to know about this type of berry below.

What is Tazman Pepper?

The Tazman Berry Pepper is a water soluble and anti-inflammatory active ingredient extracted from the Tasmanian Pepper fruit — a black-ish purple berry with an inherent ability to decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines. It inhibits the skin’s discomfort sensor and acts immediately to soothe and reduce skin itching, burning sensations as well as act as a sun protectant. It is the best active ingredient for immediate relief, protecting sensitive skin and for better skin comfort.

Where is Tazman Pepper found?

Tazman Berry Pepper is an extract of the Tasmannia Lanceolata or Tasmanian Pepper. They are native to the cool temperate forest of South Eastern Australia and Tasmania. It is a very enduring species that tolerates cold winds and thrives on rocks and in harsh elements. It has small, round, purple-black berries that when dried, look like black pepper, hence the moniker. The peppercorns are handpicked in March and April and subsequently left out to air dry. Only 5 tonnes of these Tasmanian peppercorns are harvested per year.

What can Tazman Pepper do?

The Tazman Berry comes intrinsically with a property called Polygodial, which serves as a potent active anti-inflammatory ingredient that reduces vasodilation and oedema to soothe the skin. Another noteworthy quality of the Tazman pepper is its ability to bring down redness induced by UV radiation. It also has anti-allergenic and antimicrobial properties which are really helpful, especially for newborns that are bound to experience skin allergies as well as to provide immediate relief to itching and burning sensations. If you’re way too crisp after some time under the sun, slather on a Tazman pepper skincare product to calm the skin to render comfort.

This berry also contains an agent called Anthocyanins, which contributes to its high antioxidant level (three times greater than blueberries with TEAC) to protect the skin against free radicals. Think of Anthocyanins as free radical scavengers that set out to defend your cells from oxidative damages. Rutin, an anti-inflammatory prevalent in the Tazman peppers, is known to strengthen capillaries. After a sleepless night, you can rest assured that Tazman pepper skincare products will come through for its great impact on the appearance of dark circles.

Where can I find Tasman Pepper products?

Versatile and safe for use, the Tazman pepper is available in a wide range of personal care applications. You can find various renditions in the market, from some high quality and natural personal care to cosmetic products that carry this ingredient. In fact, Orifera has incorporated this distinct pepper into their Baby Range products which will help alleviate and soothe common skin irritations suffered by infants and newborns.