Make a Change for Sustainable Living

Make a Change for Sustainable Living

It is amazing how people are shifting their mindsets and actions to be more environmentally conscious. With that said, there still are those whom have yet to contribute to achieving a sustainable living. Find out the changes we can make to live a sustainable life while giving mother nature a hand.

Reduce Household Energy Use

Imagine the impact if an entire residential area or condominium reduces their energy use just by turning off their appliances and lights when not in use? It’s simple, really. You can also replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and hang clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. You’d be surprised how much these little feats can help in reducing electricity consumption.


Recycling should be a ritual in every household. With government initiatives taking place in most developed townships, it has never been easier to reduce your environmental footprint just by recycling. Simply segregate your used wastes and leave it ready for pickup. If your area of residence doesn’t offer pick-up services, look for a recycling center or a drop-off location nearby. Most shopping malls have recycle bins prepared, so bring along your trash and drop it off on the way to your next family outing. Go the extra mile by staying away from plastic and bringing your own bags to the grocery store.

Resell and Donate

Instead of tossing away items that you no longer use or need, extend their life through resale and donation. In result, it reduces one’s dependence on disposable or cheaply made single-use products that end up in landfills. Also, for clothes that don’t fit right anymore, try reselling them through a second-hand or consignment retailer or consider donating them to non-profit resale organisations, like Bless Shop.

There are many online platforms that makes it easy to sell your unwanted things online. Carousell and Facebook Marketplace are good places to start selling your used items.

Save water

Many of us only appreciate water and its importance when there’s a shortage of water affecting us personally. In an effort to live more sustainably, an easy habit you can observe is to conserve household water use. You might want to consider installing water-efficient toilets or dual-flush toilets that allows you to choose whether to use a full flush (for solid waste) or half-flush (for liquid waste). You’d be surprised that modern washing machines can sense the level of water need for each load so that cuts the water usage by half. Besides that, you can also make small changes such as switching to water-saving shower heads and adding aerators to your sink faucets to effectively reduce household water usage. Conserving water outdoors is doable too. For example, when buying plants, look for drought-tolerant species and varieties and be sure to plant them in proper soil and sun conditions to reduce their need for excess watering.

Use products with less environmental impact

Making a conscious effort to choose products with less environmental footprint makes a big difference in the long term future for our environment. The demand for such products will push brands and manufacturers to launch more products that are more environmentally friendly.

Fun fact : To play our role for a more sustainable future, Orifera have taken the first step to use soy ink for our packaging which is an environmentally friendly option for printing as opposed to the traditional petroleum-based ink.

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