Supporting a New Mother in the Early Days of Motherhood

Supporting a New Mother in the Early Days of Motherhood

Birthing a child into this world is gruelling and challenging, and adjusting to the new adventure that is motherhood can be quite overwhelming and taxing. In the days and weeks after welcoming a bundle of joy, a new mother goes through a whirlwind of emotions on both ends of the spectrum, from elation, joy and heart-bursting love to frustration and exhaustion. While welcoming a new baby is exciting, the mum and her needs can get overlooked, when she needs support the most. The needs of each new mama differs, but we’ve listed a few ways you can lend your emotional support to the new mothers in your life.

Ask What Does She Need

In the early days of navigating through caring for a newborn baby, there are a million things that run through a mother’s mind and even more things to get done. While it is impossible to guess what she might need, you can help by asking a simple question — “What do you need right now?” And it might result in the various answers listed below:

  • A shower
  • A break from holding the baby
  • A nap
  • Some fresh air
  • Time to complete a household chore
  • Someone to run an errand
  • …the list goes on

While the answer would most likely be “nothing”, she would be grateful you cared to ask.

Lend Her a Helping Hand

Husband or partner, take note. Helping your other half  by changing nappies, rocking a fussy baby, waking up for night time feeding or helming the household chores such as cleaning, doing the dishes, laundry etc without her asking goes a long way. It shows that you’re invested in the new adventure called parenting and you’re appreciative of her. Doing the smallest of chores or bit to help can ease her stress.

Assure Her

Sometimes, parenthood can feel like a rollercoaster ride that makes you feel you’re excelling at one moment and struggling as a mother the next. The simple act of assuring a new mother that she’s doing great can positively impact her mental health and boost her confidence.

Support Goes A Long Way

A woman’s mind and body goes through many changes throughout pregnancy and postpartum period. The postpartum period which lasts up to six months, is when a new mama body’s not only starts healing, but also goes through the stress of adjusting to the new role of motherhood. She has to now tackle breastfeeding, disturbed sleep and feeling all sorts of emotions, all while being at home. This can be quite an isolating experience. To avoid a new mother feeling this, reach out to her ever so often and offer your helping hand as well as support. With the technological advancements we’re seeing, communicating from a distance and lending support is literally at your fingertips — phone calls, FaceTime, sending Grab delivery or gifts like flowers can truly make her day. If she doesn’t tend to you right away, understand that she’s not able to because she’s caring for her bundle of joy and call her back later.

Push Her to Connect with Other Moms

Treading through motherhood with the support of partners, family members and friends are vital, however, talking to other new moms who are in a similar stage of life can be immensely beneficial. Discover New Mom Support Groups that meet virtually or physically  to offload, trade stories and tips with other new mamas.

Help Her Get Sufficient Sleep

It is known that getting sufficient sleep is hard to come by during the first few weeks of parenthood. Help a new mama out and help her sleep. If you’re close to her (and someone she trusts), offer to watch the baby while she sleeps or send a sleep care package filled with calming essential oils so she can diffuse it and take a nap when she can.

Encourage Her To Go On A Date

The first few weeks and even months of introduction to parenthood can sometimes strain relationships and disconnect partners. As a new mother continues navigating through accepting her glorious postpartum body, especially if she’s still breastfeeding, assist her in reconnecting with her sensual side with a functional yet sexy nursing bra so she can go on a date night.

Food For Comfort

Food can be a source of comfort and energy for new mamas. So, bring her a Tupperware full of her favourite, nourishing food. Just be mindful of allergies and any dietary restrictions and let her dig into a fuss-free meal. If she’s not comfortable seeing anyone just yet, you can also order some healthful fare and get it delivered.

Spend Quality Time With Her

Many people get excited to see, welcome, sniff that newborn smell and simply snuggle with a new baby (and we don’t blame them), but don’t forget that new mothers need the same love and attention too. Spend some time with her and talk to her frequently because postpartum isolation is real. Alternatively, let her know you’re thinking of her by sending over a care package of postpartum products that help ease some of the overlooked challenges of motherhood like pretty leakproof panties and washable nursing pads.