Steering Clear of Corona and Other Viruses

Steering Clear of Corona and Other Viruses

Virus and bacteria are unfortunately everywhere; it can be transmitted from person to person through close proximity such as living or working with other people, sharing items, caring for someone ill and frequenting public areas. While sometimes contracting a virus is inevitable, especially with the current Coronavirus outbreak, prevention, as they, is better than cure.

Methods of Prevention:

Apply recognized hygiene measures

● Always, always, always maintain cleanliness of your hands. Follow tips and techniques for washing hands here.
● Learn about Coughing and sneezing without contaminating.
● Abstain from touching your nose, eyes and mouth because these orifices are entryways for viruses and bacteria
● Steer clear of someone you know who’s sick — don’t go close and touch objects they have used, like their utensils or phones.
● Maintain a clean surrounding, as well as the sanitary appliances you use. For instance, clean up after yourself after touching any surfaces and frequently clean your toilets and sinks with detergents. Bacteria can’t live on clean surfaces.

Keep your germs to yourself:

● If you contract a virus, it is important to close your nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose, or better yet, wear a mask.
● Discard used tissues in the trash as soon as you’re done with them.
● Using warm water and soap or alcohol-based hand gel when washing your hand is proven effective to rid off bacteria.
● Don’t bother going into work if you’re sick, rather, go to the clinic. Consume the medicine prescribed diligently and just rest.
● You can help stop the spread of germs by using face masks provided in your doctor’s office or clinic’s waiting room.

Keep the germs away:

● Immediately cleanse your hands after contact with anyone who is sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose.
● It’s best not to share things that might be contaminated with respiratory germs such as towels, lipstick or toys.
● Don’t share food, utensils or beverage containers with others.

Boost immune system:

● Fluids, especially water, are your best friend to boost immunity.
● You can also drink Olive Leaf Extract to boost your immune system.