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Orifera Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is one the world’s superfoods, and we’ve used the most stringent processes to cold-press our coconuts to extract the purest flavor and nutrition. Orifera’s therapeutic range of health supplements uses only high quality natural ingredients, which includes mostly organic virgin coconut oil to help you maintain an optimal level of health by providing nutrition to your body at a cellular level.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

all natural coco red oilcoco red orifera

Coco Red Oil

RM85.00 RM68.00
orifera virgin coconut oil softgels

Virgin Coconut Oil Softgels

RM50.00 RM40.00

Olive Leaf Extract

Orifera Rejuve Cellular Beverage Mix BoxOrifera010 cellular beverage mix
orifera fibre dtxOrifera009 fiber dtx