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Diminish Anxiety with Action

Stress and anxiety are now as common as a rainy day, sneaking up on us when we least expect it and at times rendering us helpless. Here are little exercises you can do to battle them!


When you feel anxiety looming or attacking, find yourself a quiet and comfortable place. Then, put one of your hands on your chest, the other on your stomach and feel it move more than your chest as you breathe in deeply. Keep your breath slow and regular, while constantly aware of your hands when you breathe in. Ensure your hand on the chest is still, and the other on your stomach moving ever so slightly. Breathe out through your mouth gradually and repeat this process at least 10 times or until you begin to feel your anxiety lessen.

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Visualize your Happy Place

It may seem trivial but visualizing a happy place has the power to overcome anxiety. As soon as you feel the clenches of anxiety, sit in a quiet and comfortable place and think of your ideal place to relax, be it by the beach or surrounded by nature – it should be a visual that is tranquil, happy, peaceful, and safe. Make sure it’s easy enough to think about so you can return to it in your mind when you feel anxious in the future.

Using pure essential oils for aromatherapy may also help give you the edge over anxiety and set the mood for you to relax. Some essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, chamomile and frankincense are known to help calm anxiety.

Don’t magnify success or failure. Just let them be what they are

We are taught to regard success and failure as distinct from each other – getting attached to the outcome, magnifying it and evoking destructive emotions that eventually lead to anxiety. Magnifying those situations and allowing them to deter your frame of mind and it’s a slippery slope thenceforth. You could feel that you will never fail or that you will never succeed and be surprisingly unprepared for both. More than anything, you might feel anxious because of your attachment to both real and hypothetical outcomes. Convert your anxiety of fear and panic to one of focus and perspective. Repeat “don’t magnify success or failure” as a mantra, as many times as you need to.


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