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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

all natural coco red oil
Coco Red Oil RM85.00

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Queue the soul-soothing R&R, and add a dose of all that is nourishing and nutritive – exactly what a health-conscious warrior like you has in the larder. This Organic Virgin Coconut Oil will reset your body’s system for optimal performance.

Drink up for that ultra-healing lauric acid and supercharge your body with monolaurin to boost body immunity and treat bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

It is 100% organic virgin coconut oil – made with handpicked, hand-peeled organic coconuts that go through a cold extraction process with the first pressing and a proprietary process that improves its smoothness, absorption and efficacy. No chemicals, heat or unnecessary processing were employed to retain the oil’s natural phytonutrients, antioxidants and lauric acid, crucial for body, skin and hair health.

Stock up a powerful elixir that delivers:
– A stronger immune system to protect you from infections
– A healthier heart for all that dancing you will do
– Liver detoxification, which results in healthier skin
– Better digestive system to deliver nutrients
– Reduction of those scary kidney stones
– Better and more balanced blood sugar levels
– Cellular energy to strengthen brain cells and helps slow down the onset of dementia
– Improved metabolic rate for that hot bod
– Quick calcium absorption for strong bones

Tip: Take one table spoonful a day on its own or mixed into food to enjoy optimal performance at work or in your workout. Warning: consistent consumption will also have you looking a lot younger than your age.

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