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Coco Red Oil

Coco Red Oil


Indulge in your wild side and paint the town red. Step confidently; they can’t help but notice your vitality. You happily elevate your glam game with this powerful elixir, the Coco Red Oil that gives you the formidable inner strength to getting your way to the top.

The exotic blend of virgin red palm fruit oil extract and organic virgin coconut oil is a mélange of vitamins E, K, CoQ10, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, and 20 other carotenes. Mind you, this particular vitamin E known as tocotrienol reigns supreme, because it kicks ass and is 60 times more potent than ordinary vitamin E.

Vibe high, get pumped with:
– Nourishing vitamin E and Beta-carotene
– Guardians for total eye health
– Cancer-fighting Squalene
– Heart protecting CoQ10
– All powerful Tocotrienol
– Great blood circulation
– Antioxidant agents for stronger immunity and youthful vitality

Tip: Add a dash of Coco Red Oil into your cooking for a powerful nutritional boost. It works best when mixed into food rather than just being consumed on its own.

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