Life hacks for all supermoms

Life Hacks for All Supermoms

Mothers are underrated, under appreciated, silent superheroes. They take on many roles at home and work, while constantly seeking to master the fine art of balancing. Mastery of balancing work and home is richly rewarding, but it requires practice. Supermoms, here’s a list of life hacks to make yours easier.

1. Keep a family calendar.

Make use of this technological era and create a family calendar — this way, you and your husband are aware of activities and schedules you need to get on top off.  You can even go as far as scheduling money maintenance tasks like regular “money dates” with your spouse to discuss financial decisions, pay bills and rebalance your retirement investments.

2. Give your kids chores and pay them for it.

If your kids are big enough, it’s time to give them some chores and reward them for it. This way, they learn self-accountability, cleaning after themselves and participating in the family activity. With each chore they do, like making their beds, keeping their rooms clean or washing the dishes, give them an allowance. Besides that, rewarding your kids for chores can help them learn the value of money and how earning income relates to work.

3. Prep meals in advance.

Many Asian parents don’t practise prepping meals as they prefer their child to eat hot and fresh meals, or they just don’t have the time. You can consider preparing your kids meals the night before ensures things run extra smoothly in the mornings, and it is a money-saver. Home cooking has secret financial power!  find ways to save on food that don’t require extreme couponing here.

4. Spend enough time sleeping.

Productivity doesn’t come with lack of sleep. Prioritise sleep so you have energy to thrive the next day. It’s good practice to enforce your kids’ bedtimes. It’s win win for them and for you.

5. Establish sane work hours.

Before committing to a new job or role, align your expectations of working hours with your boss. That way, if your employer calls or emails after hours, you are in the power to comply or ignore. Working mothers reserve nights and weekends exclusively for family.

6. Embrace the power of “No.”

You don’t have to take on everything your child’s school or work throws at you. You can say no. Albeit a challenge, it allows some time for yourself or family, and also teaches your children about setting healthy boundaries.

7. Set attainable daily goals.

Striving for the moon is unrealistic. Instead, set attainable daily goals — one that is realistic enough to complete. Don’t worry, you can always do more if you have the time.

8. Let go of perfection.

There’s no such thing as perfection — so let go the idea of being a ‘perfect’ mom, obsessively cleaning an already clean-enough house, or labouring over toward intangible ideals. Be you.

9. Have some fun along the way.

Find some time to de-stress along the way — be it a staycation or a family outing. Relax and enjoy the journey called life.

10. Let go and delegate.

To find some sort of balance, you must first know when to loosen the reigns and allow someone else to steer. Relinquishing control is tough, but it isn’t a sign of defeat. Rather, it’s about maximising the potential of your entire network.

All you need for  some ‘me time’ is efficient application of smart rules in your daily routine. After taking care of your family, be sure to do something wonderful and kind for yourself. You deserve it.

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