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7 Ways To Stay Healthy In College

By Andrea Tang

‘Healthy’ and ‘college’ don’t always go together in the same sentence. As impossible (and tiring) as it may seem, staying healthy while you’re in college is actually quite easy!

Here are some things you could try to stay healthy in college:

1. Try to eat right

Eating right and healthy with a college budget can be a challenge. But you could always start by substituting your burgers and bubble tea for fresh vegetables for a salad from the grocery store! The internet is amazing, so look for healthy and college-friendly recipes online too. Apps like these can help you keep track of your health with ease.

2. Join a sports club

Muay thai, dodgeball, netball, futsal, and more! Try out the different sports clubs in your college to see which one suits you and your needs best. On top of that, most of them offer student discounts and special prices, so you get to save a bit of moola while you’re at it.

3. Take advantage of your college’s facilities

Some colleges are blessed with gyms and big campuses. Take advantage of the gym and take the stairs to class (you’ll save time waiting for the lift too).

4. Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine

A no brainer, but it’s hard when all these drinks are so tempting. Everything is good in moderation, but never overdo it. They’re not a water replacement and having no coffee in the morning is not the end of the world.

5. Make cleaning your living space a weekly habit

A clean space is a clean mind. Always make the effort to tidy up once a week. You’d be surprise at how therapeutic it can be and how great the energy is when your space is spick and span.

6. Try to get enough sleep

Very hard to do with assignments and exams, I know. But getting 8 hours of sleep every night is crucial. You can do this by missing one or two ‘lepak’ sessions or stopping yourself from binge watching a tv series. Best of all, you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on more assignments for the day!

7. Finish your assignments on time so you don’t have to stare at a screen all night

Staring at a phone or computer screen at night before you go to bed is more damaging than you can imagine. Try to do your assignments during the day and not wait till the last minute to finish them.

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