5 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Overworked

Striving to reach your fullest potential and chasing success is amazing; however, working too aggressively and not giving your body the proper rest it deserves is a slippery slope. In today’s age, it’s a normality to experience signs that your body is overworked, whether from strenuous activities (like those high-intensity bootcamp classes), work stress, relationship drama, or tight, grueling deadlines.

1. Higher Resting Heart Rate

According to experts, elevated stress hormones function because it maximizes your body’s potential. In simpler terms, stress triggers and increases the heart rate, which enables it to pump more blood to our peripheral tissues. You can actually determine when you’re over stressed because during that experience, the heart rate elevates beyond 10 bpm from a base line heart rate. When this happens, breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Focus on your breathing and you’ll find your heart rate decreasing.

2. Decreased Performance in The Gym

Performance is a sometimes-subtle indication that we need to stop hitting the weight room or treadmill and start hitting the pillow. Adequate rest periods are essential for the body to adapt to its transformation. The changes our bodies undergo isn’t just subject to when we’re in the gym, but rather, takes time (up to 2 weeks) to break down the tissue and rebuild them stronger. Pushing the body during this time not only limits performance, but possibly your gains.

3. Missed Periods

Ladies, missed periods is your body’s way of telling you that it’s in desperate need of recuperation. If you notice this, be sure to listen to your body, slow down and speak with your physician. Be sure not to skimp out on nutrition as well.

4. Grouchy Mood

Do you feel yourself getting irritated or depressed at the slightest issues? These are clear symptoms of impending exhaustion, including fatigue and loss of focus. If you experience the aforementioned symptoms, you’re likely facing a burnout and need some desperate R & R.

5. Hair Loss

Remember how we mentioned that being overworked is a slippery slope? Well, here’s one – hair loss. When the body is in overdrive, and needs some recovery, it can wreak havoc on your head and mess with your crowning glory. Is a bald head really worth the stress? So, if you find yourself losing more hair than usual, consider taking a break.

How to overcome them?

The solution is simple, clear-cut and does not involve any medication whatsoever. You need some good rest and recreation (R&R)! Working and climbing the career ladder are important, but not at the expense of your mental health. So, book a ticket for that dream vacation you’ve been putting off, and blow away the cobwebs. You deserve it!

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