Choosing the Right Bath Products for Your Babies

Choosing the Right Bath Products for Your Babies

There are a plethora of baby bath products in the market, from soaps, shampoos, lotions to body wash. While options are great, as new parents it can be rather overwhelming and confusing as you want the best and appropriate products for your baby. With that in mind, we have curated some tips to help you make an informed decision in choosing the right product for your baby.

Choose natural products

You can’t go wrong in choosing a natural product whether that’s a shampoo, body wash, or lotion. Organic, toxin-free products are concocted from natural ingredients, so products of those kinds will suit your baby. Here’s a tip, keep an eye out for products that go above and beyond when it comes to clinical testing — those are the keepers.

Take time to read labels

Most of us are guilty of selecting items off the shelves and placing it into the shopping cart without reading the labels. You don’t want to make the same mistake when it comes to products for your little one. A quick label check will inform you of the item’s ingredients and help you make sure that the product has been clinically tested. Just like with adult products, many baby products also use chemicals to add fragrance and this information can only be found in the fine print.

No to washes with a lot of foam

Despite contrary belief, a bath wash shouldn’t produce too much foam, since it doesn’t give any bearing to washing more or less effectively. In fact, if a wash creates a high amount of foam when used it is usually for a reason — it has a greater amount of detergent, silicones, and substances which are harmful to your skin. Aggressive cleansers dry out the skin, so can you imagine how harmful it would be for a baby’s skin?

Don’t use one body was for the whole family

One might have the notion of using the same body wash for your baby and the rest of the family saves money, however, there’s a reason why adult cleansers and infant cleansers are made exclusively. Babies skin seems to be more sensitive to certain harsh cleansers and chemicals often found in adult products. Keep the bath cleansers separate and choose them according to the needs and characteristics of one’s skin.

Products from the same brand

Once you’ve settled for a brand that works well for your child, it’s a safe bet to try other products from the same brand as they’re devised to work well together. Buying different products from different brands confuses your baby’s body and should be avoided.

Choose vitamin-boosted bath products

Your baby’s skin and hair is something you wouldn’t want to comprise on especially since nourishment and care in the formative years can go a long way. These days, you can find bath products fortified with Vitamin E, D and A that provide extra nourishment to your baby’s skin, scalp and hair roots. However, it all comes down to making informed decisions and sticking to organic, toxin-free products.