How to Use and Choose Essential Oils

How to use and choose essential oils Written by Andrea Tang What exactly are essential oils? What exactly are essential oils? Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and they can be attained through distillation or cold pressing. The plant’s natural scent and flavour is retained, giving each essential oil its distinct essence. It’s known to many

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picture of female back skin

Bye-bye itchy skin

Bye-bye itchy skin Written by Cathrynne Yeong I had this patch of dry skin on my back which developed out of the blue. When it started, I did not pay too much attention to it. It built up over time, and I noticed that I started scratching at the same spot on my back at a

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picture of Hands applying essential oil

Are Essential oils help or hoax?

Are essential oils help or hoax? Written by Aaron A.Lim If you look into the home healthcare scene long enough, you’d eventually stumble onto essential oils. These oils, which are mostly concentrates obtained naturally from herbal plants, bark, flowers or fruit, are claimed to be powerful antibacterial agents, able to detoxify skin and calm the troubled

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picture of Lady's feet in foot spa

Pamper Yourself with Affordable Homemade Spa

Pamper Yourself with Affordable Homemade Spa Written by Reika Kua What comes to your mind when we talk about “Spa”? I bet that “Luxury and Pricey” are some of the “common perceptions” that most of us would have. Why? It’s mainly because we are so used to the commercial marketing gimmicks that influence us about how

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picture of Book titled head over heels

Cracked heels no more

Cracked Heels No More Written by Cathrynne Yeong Bromodosis, or smelly feet, is a very common medical condition. It is caused by the growth of bacteria on the skin due to sweat build-up. These bacteria cause bad odours. Fungal infections like athlete’s foot can also lead to bromodosis. But it is relatively easy to treat

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