Fun for Father’s Day

Fun for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day soon approaches, you’ve probably curated the perfect gift for your beloved dad. However, if you’re stumped on ways to celebrate this special day, we have a list of fun activities both you and your father can embark on this Father’s Day.

Hit the road

Gather the whole clan and hit the road. Go to a beachfront with plenty of seafood restaurants, highland where the weather is cooler or your dad's favourite national park. Your family will reminisce on this trip for years to come.

Bake a homemade dessert

How to celebrate a sweet tooth this Father’s Day? It’s simple — bake him his favourite sweet treat. Be it a decadent brownie guy or a good apple pie, the aroma of your baking will entice him and the result is sure to appease him, especially since it’s made with love.

A surprise race car driving experience

Has your dad always dreamed of tearing down a Formula One race track at top speed? You fulfil his childhood dream by surprising him with a race car driving experience where he can get behind the wheels of an actual race car. This is an experience unlike any other which your adrenaline-lover father would appreciate.

Take charge of his task

Dads seem to have a never ending to-do project list that they’ve completed and some they have yet to tackle. Instead of giving him material things this Father’s day, you could help out by taking charge of the lingering tasks he just doesn’t have time for. He’ll appreciate you for it, believe us.

Make a Fondue

While building an actual campfire in Malaysia is prohibited, you can always change it to a fondue instead or use the stove as your ‘campfire’ to roast your marshmallows to make smores. While indulging, you can ask everyone to share their favourite memory with your dad or grandpa. It'll make this moment even sweeter.

Gardening together

If your dad already has a green thumb, this creates an opportunity for bonding time and for you to learn about the plants and herbs that he has nurtured all these while. Better yet, if his garden is fruiting, you can create a meal with all the fresh picks.

Watch all of the Marvel movies in sequence

Another great way to spend time with your dad this Father’s Day, especially if he’s a Marvel buff, is to binge watch all the movies in order. Some streaming sites such as Disney+ Hotstar have taken the work out and arranged it for you. All you need to do is arrange for some snacks and click on the movie.

Get your karaoke on

Allow your dad’s inner Bob Dylan to shine by hosting a karaoke night at your house. Crank up his favourite tunes, pass the mic, and watch him belt it out and sing the night away. Make it fun and get the family to rate his singing skills. Bonus points if your dad busts out his dance moves on the living room floor.

Family game night

Nothing spells fun more than a game night. This year, let your father free his competitiveness during a family game night by playing classics like Jenga, charades or Monopoly. For brain teasers, you can host a trivia night ‘Friends’ (the sitcom) style.

Wine tasting night

If you can’t bring your father to wine country, you can bring it to him. Gather the best of red or white wines that your dad loves and allow him to appreciate the whole process. Supplement the event by assembling a charcuterie board of cheese, chocolates and various fruits of his liking. You can also prepare a simple scorecard to keep track of all the wines he's tasting.

Spa day for dad

Dads love massages too! Convert your home into a tranquil spa by lighting up some candles and playing soothing tunes in the background. If giving massages isn’t your forte, curate a basketful of self care items including things like shaving creams, lotions and soaps.

Fire up the grill

The way to a man’s heart is through good food. So, this Father’s Day, gather the family and fire up the grill for some delectable fare. Take the opportunity to learn grilling from the professional himself,  or simply lend him a helping hand by topping up the ingredients and serving the plates.

Tee Off

A round of golf to kick start the day is probably one of the most perfect ways to commemorate Father’s Day. Make it even more special by partaking in a friendly tee off competition at his favourite golf course. You can go the extra mile by organising the day, his gears and transportation ahead of time.

Cook or take him to dinner

Take this as your opportunity to pamper and treat your father with something decadent this Father’s Day. Be it a juicy steak or an omakase experience if he’s a Japanese lover, your father would certainly appreciate the gesture and food. Better yet, put your heart and love on a platter by cooking him dinner.