Bidding Adieu to Stretch Marks Naturally

Bidding Adieu to Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks or Striae are cracked lines that form when your skin changes shape to accommodate growth or weight gain. It’s prevalent in both men and women and doesn’t indicate anything about your health. Pregnancy and puberty are the two of the most common times in life that one experiences stretch marks. It’s identifiable by a thin red or purple line on your skin that takes on a different texture than the surrounding skin layer — the first stage. Over time, the stretch marks fade and become lighter in colour and become shiny. Ridding your body of stretch marks in a natural way can prove a feat but there are remedies that can minimise its appearance and help it fade faster.

Virgin Coconut oil

There are no bounds to a virgin coconut oil's benefits and minimising stretch marks is one of them. Diligently apply the virgin coconut oil to your stretch marks everyday to banish any red appearances and with time, you can witness the difference.

Aloe vera

Pure aloe vera is healing agent and skin softener, which makes it an ideal remedy for stretch marks. Extract some pure aloe vera from a plant and apply it to your stretch marks on a clean skin, daily.

Cocoa Butter

You’ve probably heard of various lotions and moisturisers that use cocoa butter as part of its ingredient for its moisture-retaining properties. The best time to use cocoa butter is at night, so massage it well into the skin and over a period of time you will find the stretch marks reducing and fading away.

Black tea

Black tea is robust in lots of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12, which helps to control skin pigmentation. Boil a few tablespoons of black tea and add some salt to it. After cooling, apply the mixture to the marks and repeat the process until they disappear.


This homemade remedy is pretty easy to whip up. All you need is sugar, olive oil and lemon juice, which is mixed to form a scrub. Apply this exfoliant to the stretch marks and rub it in for 10 minutes, after which you rinse with lukewarm water.

Potato juice

Potatoes contain starch and other skin lighting enzymes which is why it is used on the underarms and to lighten dark circles, spots and blemishes from the skin. It bleaches the skin and effectively reduces the visibility of stretch marks when applied regularly.