Skincare Tips You Can Easily Implement Into Your Skincare Routine

By Andrea Tang

Skincare can be a very tedious process, especially if you’re stuck in a loop of doing the same thing over and over again. It can also be overwhelming with all the seemingly never-ending wave of new products and brands entering the market.

Fear not, here are some skincare tips that you can easily implement into your skincare routine!

1. Know how to layer products

You can never attain the full impact of skincare products if you apply them in the wrong order.

The first step after washing your face is toner. It can be applied on the face with hands or with a cotton pad. A toner can remove face wash residue, excessive dirt and sebum, minerals in tap water, and it helps to bring your other products deeper into the skin.

After that would be your spot treatment if you have or are prone to acne. Apply it before the others so it can properly absorb into the skin.

Next is serum. It increases the results of your other products as well as seals in moisture. Some serums include ingredients for brightening, hydration, firming, and more!

Thirdly, eye cream! It reduces inflammation and swollenness as well as brightens your under eyes. A very important tip to remember is to always apply your eye cream with your ring finger in a tapping motion since the skin around your eyes are the most delicate.

Next would be moisturiser. Like the name suggests, it moisturises your skin. It also keeps the other products in your skin and protects it.

Face oil should be layered after all your products. It repairs, feeds, plumps, and hydrates your skin like no other product can. It should be applied last as it can block your other skincare products from penetrating into the skin. It is recommended to only use face oil at night if you have oily skin.

During daytime, SPF is your best friend, even on rainy or cloudy days. It protects your face from UV rays and prevents wrinkles and fine lines!

2. Keepin’ it simple

You don’t need to have different brands of the same product. You also don’t need to apply too much product as it could block your pores.

3. Never neglect the neck

Since your neck is rarely shielded from the sun, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and signs of ageing can show up on your neck if you neglect it.

Always use the same skincare products for your face on your neck. Massage it upwards instead of dragging the product down for a ‘neck lift’.

4. Tweak it when necessary

Change up your skincare routine according to the weather, your monthly cycle, and as you get older!

Colder weather dries out your skin, so pack on that moisture. Hotter days cause oily skin, so combat it with sebum-preventing products! If you get acne when your period comes around, use more spot treatments and incorporate anti-ageing products into your skincare routine as you get older.

5. Practise self-care once a week

Take time out of your week to exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin and put on a mask to brighten your skin and lock in more hydration.

6. Taking care of your skin from the inside

A no brainer, but always remember to drink water and exercise regularly. Watch your diet too and eat more greens, fibre, fatty fish, walnuts, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, dark chocolate (yes, you saw that right), and more!


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