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7 Ways To Stay Healthy In College

7 Ways To Stay Healthy In College By Andrea Tang ‘Healthy’ and ‘college’ don’t always go together in the same sentence. As impossible (and tiring) as it may seem, staying healthy while you’re in college is actually quite easy! Here are some things you could try to stay healthy in college: 1. Try to eat

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4 Helpful Apps To Keep You Healthy

4 Helpful Apps To Keep You Healthy By Andrea Tang Mobile apps have become a necessity for almost everything, so it’s natural that it also extends to wellness and healthcare. Health apps can be used to track habits and calories, for on-demand exercise routines, custom meal plans, and so much more. Heck, I even found

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How to Use and Choose Essential Oils

How to use and choose essential oils Written by Andrea Tang What exactly are essential oils? What exactly are essential oils? Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and they can be attained through distillation or cold pressing. The plant’s natural scent and flavour is retained, giving each essential oil its distinct essence. It’s known to many

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Bye-bye itchy skin

Bye-bye itchy skin Written by Cathrynne Yeong I had this patch of dry skin on my back which developed out of the blue. When it started, I did not pay too much attention to it. It built up over time, and I noticed that I started scratching at the same spot on my back at a

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